…are Steve & Renee now?

2 BE – Two Days Before Europe

Maud catches some rays

Renee is ‘trial-packing’ to see how well she’s done with clothing selection… and it is going so well that she’s certain something has been left out or forgotten.  Ahh the challenges of the well-organized 🙂  

In the meantime, Maud decides she wants to work on her tan.


Bone-shaped, zero-entry swimming pool... how cool is that?

She has to look her best as she and Ian are off to spend 3 weeks at “The Meadows Bed & Biscuit at Lake Norman”, a swanky, all-inclusive dog resort.









A couple of days ago on Friday night we went to a local restaurant, Martino’s, and had a great evening with our bestest friends and next door neighbors, Robert & Elizabeth and their twin sons Robert and Harrison.  This place has great white pizza, yummy bruschetta and Fat Tire on tap.  These lucky folks are kind enough to ‘keep an eye’ on Claudette, our 7 1/2 pound orange cat while we’re away.

Claudette tries to blend in at Christmas 2010


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