…are Steve & Renee now?

Barcelona–Day 2

Wow!  What an amazing day we had Thursday!!

WARNING!!!  Wayyy long post follows…Surprised smile

We attempted to start out early and found that Barcelona doesn’t wake up much before 10am!

Hooray for Starbucks!  photo7

Interestingly they have no ‘coffee’ machine as we are used to in the States, rather they have extra espresso dispensers and, of all things, a fresh orange juicer (no picture handy).  This thing takes whole oranges and simply crushes them; peels, seeds and all; with juices coming out of the bottom.  It’s about 50% more expensive than a latte, but very popular based on our visits.  If you want coffee the way we think of it, it’s “Americano”.

So today we went in search of some “Hannibal” (watch the video here) badges left behind by our favorite close-up magician.  photo5Hannibal was in Barcelona a few months ago supporting a tech company at convention.  We exchanged some messages and he left us some cryptic clues (natch!)

Link to his site here: http://www.chrishannibal.com/

So we have searched and searched… and we think we have been thwarted by the diligent cleaning crews around Barcelona.




We knew that the likely location of the arena mentioned is the former bullfighting arena (not a very popular sport in the Catalan capital) that has been converted to shopping in recent years.  We were not very near to this site so we looked to Clue #2…

Museo de CeraWe located clue number 2 here at the Museo De Cera De Barcelona.

Searching and searching, we still found no sign of Hannibal having been ‘close to wax’ so we moved on to the next locale…



Hmmm… across the street from “The Snail” gads!

So it turns out that there is an old, famous restaurant called “Los Caracoles” Caracoles street badgethat must be just the place.. 

photo4It’s a lovely, out-of-the-way place with beautiful etched glass windows.  We searched valiantly in the adjoining streets, in the little bits & bobs shops across the lane from here…. 


















We even checked out the shop just across the street from Los Caracolessexshop.















::::::::::::::::::: An hour later ::::::::::::::::::::::::

Okay, so no Hannibal marker found anywhere, despite the fun of the search Open-mouthed smile

We were hungry and thirsty by this point so we went in search of a Tapas bar Renee had read about before we arrived, SagardiBagardi Tapas

They had all kinds of unique and original creations.  You collect a plate and pick the various tapas you want to have.  In the end they ‘count the toothpicks’ and you pay based on the number.  Some folks are fairly ignorant and ‘accidentally’ drop toothpicks before paying… we really hate this kind of thing but otherwise we really enjoyed the great variety and fun of the place.  They were constantly bringing new plates full of tapas from the back room.  There was one that looked like there was shaved coconut on it… but it turned out to be some rally awesome cheese,

We tried their signature ‘cider’ but neither of us found it to be to our taste.  When we came iup to have our toothpicks counted, they noticed we had a fair bit of the cider left in both cups, asked if we liked it, and then didn’t charge us for it… class!

BTW:  We are amazed at how multilingual service is here in Barcelona.  Not only English but we heard Italian and French and lots of German as well.  This is supposedly ‘The’ destination for Europeans on holiday… we see why !




So after the Tapas we stopped in at a place we’d visited in the afternoon the day before… “Mi Burrito y Yo”


Those of you who may recall our little trip to the US Virgin Islands last year may recall the “Donkey Diner” episode… this place just warmed the cockles of our hearts as a result.  Sitting outside, drinking wine, enjoying local food and entertainment

Pan Pipes on the Plaza outside Mi Burrito y Yo in Barcelona



Soooooooooooooo… Now what?

It’s about 11:00pm and we’re not tired so we happen to find an amazing Irish Pub along the way (I know, right?)

Imagine that?

photoGuinness on tap makes up for no breakfast in Barcelona in the mornings (somewhat) so we settled in.  I HAD to buy a hat they had (kinda Perry the Platypus-like don’tcha think?)

Dooby Dooby Doby,

Dooby Dooby Do-wah!!!

1:30am we found our way back to the AC Diplomatic, our base of operations for the pre-cruise…

Renee has some additional incriminating pictures I think…


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  1. Maura Maness

    I am loving the blog! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

    BTW: Guinness AND a Perry the Platysus hat! You had me at “Hello”!

    May 30, 2011 at 9:08 AM

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