…are Steve & Renee now?

All Aboard!

Friday was a fun and busy day but nothing spectacular.  Now it’s Saturday and time to board the Disney Magic for 11 nights in the Mediterranean.  Repack-repack-repack… Turned in the bags to Disney (they have a service at this hotel and will deliver our luggage to our stateroom later in the afternoon.  So we’ve packed our backpacks and headed for the Port of Barcelona.

IMG_1591A number of other cruise companies are in port with folks sailing out for various week-long cruises, so we are issued our Disney stickers to make sure we get on the right transport.

Here’ the Magic next to the monstrous Liberty of the Seas… we look like a toy boatIMG_1594 Smile


The first two Disney boats were designed to look very similar to the classic ocean-going liners of the 1930s with twin stacks (only one is needed in modern liners… the second one is a club for teens on these boats).  They gave it a sharp bow (a ‘cruiser bow’) and lots of railings.


These pics were shot with my iPhone through the glass of the transport bus from the hotel so they have a rather green cast.  Renee could clean up and correct this… but she’s not doing this travelblog

Open-mouthed smile

So after processing through the Port authority and getting our Keys to the World(electronic passes that unlock your door, allow you to charge stuff to your account and are required to enter and leave the ship in the various ports), we headed aboard to our stateroom.

We’re on Deck 8, starboard.  If you look at the picture above our cabin is just below where the first ‘long bulge’ juts out above the round portholes.  That area is where the Vista Spa & Salon is located.. convenient!







When cruise ships leave port, they traditionally sound their distinctive horn a couple times.  Often when a ship prepare to leave and sounds her horn others will announce their presence with authority, with the ‘horn war’ going to the loudest(generally acknowledge by it being the last one to sound). Although the Disney ship is not as large as some of the others in port, she does her best to keep up with the ‘big boys’.  In this short video clip we were standing on our veranda when the Disney Magic and RCL Liberty of the Seas decided to duke it out.

Disney Magic vs. RCL Liberty of the Seas

5:00PM Port of Barcelona sail-away

Europe2011 009Captain John! Master of the Disney Magic prepares to navigate away from the Port.
This shot is from our veranda looking forward. The Captain is looking aft from the starboard wing bridge (yes, there’s one on the port side as well…)ensuring all is well as the harbor pilot drives his ship out to clear waters.  Captain John was Master of the Disney Wonder a number of years ago when we cruised for the first time on a Disney ship.


I was absolutely amazed at the incredible blue-ness of the Mediterranean Sea.  This un-retouched shot is about an hour away from the Port of Barcelona, taken from the veranda of our room.  It looked like this everywhere we went.

Our first full day day out was a ‘Day At Sea’, spent enjoying the relaxations aboard ship.  Renee went off to a few hours in the Sessions Spa, first a hot stone massage and then off the the ‘Rainforest relaxation room’ where they have heated tile beds to soak the cares away.  Renee rejoined me in the mid afternoon.

Tonight is our ‘formal night’ so we are off to dress for the big Broadway-style stage performance of “Twice Charmed” and then off to our 8:30pm dinner seating at Lumiere’s, one of four restaurants aboard.

More about the restaurants next time HERE: https://witw2011.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/magical-dining/


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  1. Just posted after returning… very limited internet services (and waaaay expensive) aboard ship. Some ports had WiFi accessable though not ‘high speed’

    June 8, 2011 at 6:32 AM

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