…are Steve & Renee now?

Port of Call–Sicily

Our second port of call, this was a replacement for Tunis, Tunisia following the turmoil in that region in the early part of 2011.  I was still disappointed though we understood the reasons.  I had really looked forward to seeing the historic ruins of Carthage as well as stepping onto the continent of Africa… rats!

Misc-1We planned to do a whole lot of nothing today.  There was not much that excited us to hop on a bus and go off to see and the weather was spectacular (75F/24C and Sunny) 













Renee did get off long enough to shoot some pictures near our berth in the port of Palermo, Misc-3


There are. perhaps, more points of interest on the eastern shore of Sicily but this location was too far to visit Etna for instance..

Here’s a couple links that may be of interest to those on upcoming Mediterranean cruises:

Palermo, Sicily: http://www.cruisecritic.com/ports/newport.cfm?ID=159

Private Tours:

All-in-all this was the ugliest, most industrial port I recall being in during the trip. We berthed next to a monstrous grain (I think) storage facility.

Palermo-6I really enjoy the smarty-pants humor Renee has.

She spotted the fact that the Disney Magic had berthed in a no-parking zone with 24-hour towing

Surprised smile























Here, we can see that they need to get a bigger tow-truck.  I think they were trying to put a boot on the anchor until they could find one…

Rolling on the floor laughingPalermo-5






















Since that didn’t seem to be working………







At about Noon, Captain John had to come on the public-address system to advise his crew that they needed to be prepared to remain aboard for safety inspections (that went over well <sarcasm>).  We heard from some sources later that this was very unusual to have to announce it publicly.  It turned out that the Italian authorities had popped a surprise safety drill on the ship and were requiring all the port-side lifeboats to be run out and for the crew to actually lower a couple away, crew them, drive them about and recover them!  While they have the authority to do this, it’s really rare to call for it in such a fashion.  We think the tow-truck incident played a role…




“Downtown Palermo off the Port bow!”Palermo-1


Finally, late in the day as we departed, Renée did capture a couple very nice city scenes…

She does a lot of cool photography work with growing commercial success. 
f you’ want to follow her work, become a friend of Renée Peoples Photography here:


“Do you have a Renée?”

Palermo PanPalermo Pan 2

As we sail away from the island, I say “Sorry” to those who may have wanted more info about Palermo, Sicily.

If you have done any Port Adventures here before (or since) or you have visited near Palermo recently, please post up a response or three… we’d love to hear about your experiences, good or bad.

We’re off to the Italian mainland and the next Port of Call… NAPLES!! Sweet!


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